Spirit Award Information

(Garee Rogers', Hall of Fame, and Spirit awards are equivalent. Award can only be received once.)


The membership of Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 includes many outstanding Sweet Adelines who have given selflessly of their time, talents, and expertise for the love and joy of singing and have had a profound impact on the entire membership of Region 5. Of these, one is the person worthy of the Spirit Award for Region 5. The annual Spirit Award is a very prestigious, once-in-a-lifetime award.


  • Individual members of Region 5 are encouraged to submit a nomination(s) for the SPIRIT award.
  • The recipient will be inducted and honored during the Regional Convention weekend.
  • Each year's recipient will be chosen from the nominations by the previous three SPIRIT award recipients.
  • A nomination form, a written narrative, and a color photo of the nominee must be submitted with each nomination.


Please use the following qualifications as guidelines for nominees: 

  • Displays enthusiasm and commitment to promoting the “Harmonize the World” theme of Sweet Adelines International and Region 5 through her music and interpersonal skills 
  • Actively participates in both chorus and regional activities and functions 
  • Willingly shares skills and knowledge with other members 
  • Successfully completes volunteer assignments 
  • Willingly works without expectations of recognition 
  • Minimum of five years' membership in Sweet Adelines International 


Nomination Process
  • Upload a color photograph of the nominee. 
  • Upload a written narrative that explains and encourages participation for the SPIRIT award. The narrative may be used in the presentation, should your nominee be a recipient.
  • Form to use with your nomination: Spirit Award Nomination Form

Past award recipients are not eligible for the Spirit Award. Past award recipients can be found below.
(Garee Rogers', Hall of Fame, and Spirit awards are equivalent. Award can only be received once.)


To send nominations for the Spirit Award, please email your nomination to Karen Matthews at Reg5MemDir@gmail.com


Some recent winners

(from left: Joan Groves, Leslie Galbreath, Twilla Duvall, Liz Hardcastle)



Region 5 Spirit Award Recipients:
2018 - Pat Kies, Kansas City Chorus
2017 - Jan Nolte, City Voices Chorus
2016 - Joan Groves, Region 5 Chapter-at-Large
2015 - Leslie Galbreath, RiverSong Chorus

2014 - Elizabeth Hardcastle, Region 5 Chapter-at-Large

2013 - Twilla Duvall, Heart of Missouri Chorus

2012 - Susan Martin, River Blenders Chorus

2011 - Sandi Wright, St. Louis Harmony Chorus

2010 - Marian Hoffman, Region 5 Chapter-at-Large 

2009 - Diane Huber, River Blenders Chorus

2008 - Helen Ryan, Region 5 Chapter-at-Large



Region 7 Garee Rogers Award Recipients:

Jill Vanderpool

Gaylene Pierce

Melodee Wright

Phyllis Meyers

Mary Old

Janice Brown

Marti McCarty

Dorothy Wright

Ruby Pike

Harriett Gall

Kelly Deare

Kathy Wattenbarger

Jo Kraut

Gwen Garrison

Pat Duncan

Diana Duff

Sue Fulcher-Pearson

Judy Alterman

Sheila Martinez

Maggie Reid

Helen Shores

Kathy Cornish

Barb Patton

Vicki Ellis


Region 20 Hall of Fame Recipients:

2002 – Jo Ruth Capoccione, Cedar Harmony

2001 – Lila Comer, Lincolnaire

2000 – Bev Shoecraft, Lincolnaire

1999 – Bev Hamilton, Iowa City

1998 – Judy Kaeser, Iowa City

1996 – Jerilee Inghram, Iowa City

1995 – Kris Callison, Iowa City

1994 – Gloria Frost, Cedar Rhapsody

1993 – Shirley Freeman, Des Moines

1992 – Sue Anderson, Heart of Iowa

1991 – Jan Buckholtz, Heart of Iowa

1990 – Karen Koch, Lincolnaire

1989 – Jean Shook, Chapter-at-Large

1988 – Gracie Ruden, Riverside Harmony

1987 – Sally Eggleston, Cedar Rhapsody


Golden Girls

Congratulations to our newest GOLDEN GIRLS: 

  • Dixie Dahlke, Chapter-at-Large
  • Gloria Frost, Chapter-at-Large
  • Susan Keipp, Chapter-at-Large
  • Janis Hinrichs, Metro Mix Chorus


  • Anita Wolfe, Kansas City Chorus and Flint Hills Harmony Chorus
  • Mary Waters, Chapter-at-Large
  • Teel Haas, Kansas City Chorus


  • Joann Karaff, Kansas City Chorus
  • Lucille Summy, Harmony Central Chorus 

And to all Golden Girls who continue to add more golden years:


 64 Years

  • Carol Schaberg, Chapter-at-Large
  • Claire Hamley, Chapter-at-Large

63 Years

  • Marian Hoffman, Chapter-at-Large
  • Helen Ryan, Chapter-at-Large 

61 Years

  • Sally Eggleston, Cedar Sounds Chorus 


59 Years

  • Nancy Hill, Acappella Omaha Chorus 

58 Years

  • Sue Fulcher-Pearson, Kansas City Chorus
  • Marilee Bailey, Gateway Spotlight Chorus 


57 Years

  • Nathalie Elswood, Kansas City Chorus
  • Judy Ringering, Chapter-at-Large 


56 Years

  • Marcy Newman, Kansas City Chorus 

54 Years

  • Wanda Spivey, City Voices Chorus
  • Helen Shores, Kansas City Chorus
  • Peggy Sinden, Kansas City Chorus 

53 Years

  • Sheila Martinez, Kansas City Chorus
  • Mary Haller, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus

52 Years

  • Carolyn Haller, Cedar Harmony Chorus
  • Shirley Coleman, Metro Mix Chorus
  • Bev Hamilton, Metro Mix Chorus
  • Nancy Goldberg, Acappella Omaha Chorus 


51 Years

  • Judy Kaeser, Metro Mix Chorus
  • Elizabeth Hardcastle, Sound Celebration Chorus 
  • Joanne Kensinger, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus


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