one-song-at-a-time-web2019 Region 5 Convention and Competition

April 4-7, Paramount Theatre
Cedar Rapids, IA




Longevity Awards 


Golden Girls

Congratulations to our newest GOLDEN GIRLS: 

  • Dixie Dahlke, Chapter-at-Large
  • Gloria Frost, Chapter-at-Large
  • Susan Keipp, Chapter-at-Large
  • Janis Hinrichs, Metro Mix Chorus


  • Anita Wolfe, Kansas City Chorus and Flint Hills Harmony Chorus
  • Mary Waters, Chapter-at-Large
  • Teel Haas, Kansas City Chorus


  • Joann Karaff, Kansas City Chorus
  • Lucille Summy, Harmony Central Chorus 

And to all Golden Girls who continue to add more golden years:


 64 Years

  • Carol Schaberg, Chapter-at-Large
  • Claire Hamley, Chapter-at-Large

63 Years

  • Marian Hoffman, Chapter-at-Large
  • Helen Ryan, Chapter-at-Large 

61 Years

  • Sally Eggleston, Cedar Sounds Chorus 

59 Years

  • Nancy Hill, Acappella Omaha Chorus 

58 Years

  • Sue Fulcher-Pearson, Kansas City Chorus
  • Marilee Bailey, Gateway Spotlight Chorus 

57 Years

  • Nathalie Elswood, Kansas City Chorus
  • Judy Ringering, Chapter-at-Large 

56 Years

  • Marcy Newman, Kansas City Chorus 

54 Years

  • Wanda Spivey, City Voices Chorus
  • Helen Shores, Kansas City Chorus
  • Peggy Sinden, Kansas City Chorus 

53 Years

  • Sheila Martinez, Kansas City Chorus
  • Mary Haller, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus

52 Years

  • Carolyn Haller, Cedar Harmony Chorus
  • Shirley Coleman, Metro Mix Chorus
  • Bev Hamilton, Metro Mix Chorus
  • Nancy Goldberg, Acappella Omaha Chorus 

51 Years

  • Judy Kaeser, Metro Mix Chorus
  • Elizabeth Hardcastle, Sound Celebration Chorus 
  • Joanne Kensinger, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus

Other Membership Milestones:


45 Years

Carol Schumacher                 Kansas City Chorus

Betty Adams                           RiverSong Chorus

Tina Knipp                               St. Louis Harmony and River Blenders Choruses


40 Years

Betsy Middleton                     City Voices Chorus

Jo Capoccioni                          Cedar Harmony Chorus

Carolyn Jensen                       Cedar Harmony Chorus

Barb Varco                              Cedar Harmony Chorus

Donna Kleinschmidt              City Voices Chorus

Marjorie Friedmeyer             Heart of Missouri Chorus

Annette Gauthier                   Kansas City Chorus

Beverly Shoecraft                   Kansas City and Show Me Sound Choruses

Marilyn Townsend                 Kansas City Chorus

Susan Heald                            Metro Mix Chorus

Cheryl Doser                           Harmony Central Chorus

Janet Nissen                            Metro Mix Chorus


35 Years

Paula Steimel                          Cedar Harmony Chorus

Lola Nosker                             City Voices Chorus

Barbara Schureman               Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus

Carrie Clothier                        Kansas City and Show Me Sound Choruses

Shirley Knapp                          Metro Mix Chorus

Andrea Byerly                         Heart of Iowa Chorus

Anita Lang                               Show Me Sound Chorus

Rebecca Stock                         Acappella Omaha Chorus

Jeanette Hines                        RiverSong Chorus

Tina Keith                                Kansas City Chorus

Sheryl Neal                              Harmony Central Chorus

Patti Hornacek                        Acappella Omaha Chorus


30 Years

Mary Kammeyer                     Cedar Harmony Chorus

Roseann Haven                       Chapter-at-Large

Mary Penniston                      RiverSong Chorus

Deborah Rieger                      RiverSong Chorus

Pam Madden                          Cedar Harmony Chorus

Cheryl Philpott                        Chapter-at-Large

Nancy Leach                            RiverSong Chorus

Kelsey Kessler                         Kansas City and Show Me Sound Choruses

Donna Swoboda                     Lincolnaire Chorus

Lori Brickman                          Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus


25 Years

Ellen Hansen                           Lincolnaire Chorus

Jill Vanderpool                        RiverSong Chorus

Ruth Decker                            Chapter-at-Large

Judith Engeltjes                      Harmony Central Chorus

Dianna Sheets                         Metro Mix Chorus

Alice Jaegers                           River Blenders Chorus

Sheri Hart                                Vocal Standard Chorus

Christine Day                           Flint Hills Harmony Chorus

Laura Griesedieck                   St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Jennifer Combs                       Kansas City Chorus

Sherrill Rowland                     Heart of Missouri and Show Me Sound Choruses

Shirley Alexander                   Show Me Sound Chorus

Carol Rhoads                           Show Me Sound Chorus

Christine Wyrick                     City Voices and River Blenders Choruses

Susanne Weber                      Kansas City Chorus

Janelle Aberle                         Metro Mix Chorus

Karen Vollmer                        Show Me Sound Chorus

Jadra Moore                           Harmony Central Chorus

Kari Rief                                   Vocal Standard Chorus

Anita Hardy                             Cedar Harmony Chorus

Dottie Heffernan                    Acappella Omaha Chorus

Nancy Weiser                         Gateway Spotlight Chorus     

Casey Hancock                       River Blenders Chorus

June Pellarin                           River Blenders Chorus


20 Years

Jennie Van Voorhis                Chapter-at-Large

Nancee Reinhold                    Chapter-at-Large

Patti Brown                             Heart of Missouri Chorus

Deanna Cogswell                    Acappella Omaha Chorus

Laura Ostdiek                          Acappella Omaha Chorus

Barbara Cockerill                    Lincolnaire Chorus

Jan Shaw                                  Lincolnaire Chorus

Kathleen Wozniak                  Acappella Omaha Chorus

Diane Hatfield                         Chapter-at-Large

Peggy Crubel                           Vocal Standard Chorus

Margaret Hamlett                  Cedar Harmony Chorus

Kathy Lehmann                       Acappella Omaha Chorus


15 Years

Terry D’Amato                        Chapter-at-Large

Lori Goetsch                            Flint Hills Harmony and Vocal Standard Choruses

Cheryl Koenig                          Harmony Central Chorus

Beth Campbell                        Heart of Iowa Chorus

Linda Claussen                        Sound Celebration Chorus

Heather Schake                      Chapter-at-Large

Kim Barnes                              Lincolnaire Chorus

Ann Buckheister                     Metro Mix Chorus

Sandra Bishop                         Heart of Iowa Chorus

Margaret Cunningham          Sound Celebration Chorus

Susan Wiseman                       Kansas City Chorus

Pat Mikels                                Kansas City Chorus

Mary Olson                              Kansas City Chorus

Patricia Mennenga                 Acappella Omaha Chorus

Mary Underwood                   Acappella Omaha Chorus

Therese Nash                           Kansas City Chorus

Idella Arthur                            Show Me Sound Chorus


10 Years

Lois Mitchell                           RiverSong Chorus       

Kathryn Smith                         Show Me Sound Chorus

Kamron Collins-Johnson        Vocal Standard Chorus

Ellen Hanson                           Cedar Sounds Chorus

Beth Carlson                           Cedar Sounds Chorus

Carol Weirich                          City Voices Chorus

Jamie Bruen                            Gateway Spotlight Chorus

Diana Peters                           St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Bonnie Brumpton                  Gateway Spotlight Chorus

Jana Holmstrom                     River Blenders Chorus

Nancy Hyde                             Metro Mix Chorus

Niki Lester                               St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Judith Ruhland                       City Voices Chorus

Melissa VanHousen               Chapter-at-Large

Jan Bradley                             Harmony Central Chorus

Patti Schuler                           St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Elizabeth Bartimus                Sound Celebration Chorus

Kelly Peterson                        Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus


5 Years

Lynn Garrison                         Sound Celebration Chorus

Jeniffer Graham                     River Blenders Chorus

Erin Makundi                          Harmony Central Chorus

Carolyn Fox                             Gateway Spotlight Chorus                 

Marilyn Svoboda                    St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Katrina Ford-Saxton              Heart of Missouri Chorus

Kelly Phillips                            Kansas City Chorus

Rebecca Allen                         Harmony Central Chorus

Nancy Hedstrom                    Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus

Larraine Boyd                          Kansas City and Show Me Sound Choruses

Christine Marchand               Harmony Central Chorus

Betty Torgerson                      Harmony Central Chorus

Kathleen Bird                           Harmony Central Chorus

Jurgita Piotrowski                   St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Melissa Sanders                      Acappella Omaha Chorus

Teri Brecht                               Gateway Spotlight Chorus

Marianna Romine                   Gateway Spotlight Chorus

Brenda McCall                         Gateway Spotlight Chorus

Louise Spielman                      City Voices Chorus

Deborah Mims                        RiverSong Chorus

Peggy Carter                           Gateway Spotlight Chorus

Sarah Comer                           Chapter-at-Large

Rachael Cunningham             St. Louis Harmony Chorus

Laurel Collins                           Heart of Missouri Chorus

Lauren Schneider                    River Blenders Chorus

Carolyn West                           RiverSong Chorus

Carla Conroy                            Acappella Omaha Chorus


Chapter Anniversaries:

RiverSong Chapter                              60 Years          chartered May 12, 1959

Heart of Missouri Chapter                 40 Years          chartered November 15, 1979

Show Me Sound Chapter                   25 Years          chartered May 18, 1994

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