Region 5 Chorus Directors


Acappella Omaha Chorus - Omaha, NE

Director Annette Wallace

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 Annnette Wallace_2016





Cedar Harmony Chorus - Cedar Falls, IA

Director Carol Anhalt

Carol Anhalt Cedar Harmony

 My mother sang in several women's choruses, and my two brothers sang in a barbershop quartet. So, when in 1973, I was asked to sing tenor in Sweet Adelines, I thought this would be a good hobby one night a week!  The song is true, I started quarteting soon after, and through three kids and job changes, I have remained in the same chorus of Sweet Adelines for 40 years and quarteted for most of those years  An Assistant Director for years, I became Interim Director in 2011, and then hired as Director in 2012.   








Cedar Sounds Chorus - Cedar Rapids, IA

Director Marilyn Fairchild

Marilyn Fairchild Cedar Sounds

I am still amazed at what Sweet Adelines brings out in a person. Being a front line director was never even a twinkle in my eye and certainly the last thing I ever imagined myself doing. I was too shy and too nervous to even sing in a quartet, much less stand in front of an entire chorus! However, after a long history of directors of the small chorus I sang with, I had my arm twisted to try being the director. I had only two years of music in college and 30 years of singing in Sweet Adelines for experience. Today, I’d like to think that I am a success story. After becoming director of Cedar Sounds in 2008, I will be the first to say that I still have so much to learn and am a very willing student

I started singing with the Champaign-Urbana Chorus in 1977 and from there moved to Peoria where I sang with the Belles of Harmony. When Mike and I married in 1983, we found ourselves in Grand Forks, ND (Region 6) where I sang with the Twin Forks Chorus. A few years later, I found myself singing with Cedar Rhapsody (former Region 20) and now direct Cedar Sounds. I am also a dual member, singing with Metro Mix Chorus, so I have been “at home” in Region 5 for the last few years.



City of Fountains Chorus - Kansas City, MO

Director Lhea Wilson

Lhea Wilson City of Fountains

After months of a co-worker "bugging" me to come visit her chorus, I agreed to attend one rehearsal if she'd agree to stop. Well, here I am, having joined in 1987 as a proud SAI member! I fell in love with barbershop the very first visit - I wanted to join that night! 

I have been blessed to sing with 10 choruses and eight quartets!  I've also experienced the exhilaration of the International stage with the Kansas City Chorus and Metro Mix Chorus. 

I currently have the honor and joy of directing the City of Fountains Chorus in Kansas City as an SAI Certified Director. All because someone "bugged" me!!! I encourage everyone to "bug" someone!!!

City Voices Chorus - St. Louis, MO

Master Director Jerilee Inghram

Jerilee Inghram City Voices

I am Jerilee or ”Jeri” Inghram, depending on how long you have known me. My husband Jim has been in barbershop for about as long as I have and sings with the Ambassadors of Harmony. We live in Lake St. Louis and have two grown daughters and six grandchildren. I joined Sweet Adelines in 1970 and started directing the Iowa City Chorus (now Metro Mix) in 1974, when Iowa City was part of former Region 7 at the time. My first contest as a director was in St. Joseph, MO.  Oh the memories!

We moved to the St. Louis area in 1993, and I sang with River Blenders before directing City Voices since its beginning in 2001. I was a showmanship judge for 17 years and served on regional and international music faculty. I still keep busy coaching quartets and choruses. I sang with “Starshine” for 18 years and have earned some International medals. We were known as "that funny quartet that could sing well." 



Flint Hills Harmony Chorus - Topeka, KS

Director Becky Wolfe 

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Becky Wolfe_2016 




Gateway Spotlight Chorus - St. Charles, MO

Director Brenda McCall

Brenda McCall_-_Gateway_SpotlightI have been involved in barbershop organizations since 1984. My first awareness of women's barbershop came by responding to an ad in my local paper "Do you like to sing?" I quickly answered "Yes" and  joined the Heart of Illinois chapter.  In 1986, my family moved back to St Louis.  I joined the Vallee de Fleurs chapter and competed in regional chorus competitions, as well as a regional quartet competition.  After family obligations were completed, I joined the newly formed Gateway Spotlight Chorus in 2014. From a chorus member, to tenor section leader, to Assistant Director in 2015, and front line Director in 2016, these last couple of years have flown by remarkably fast.  Oh what amazing results from a small newspaper advertisement! Be encouraged to ask someone, "Do you like to sing?"






Harmony Central Chorus - Des Moines, IA

Director Nathan Green

Nathan Green_-_Harmony_CentralNathan comes to Harmony Central with a lifelong love of barbershop music and a great wealth of experience and talent.

He started singing barbershop at the age of 8, with one of his earliest memories being singing the "Cry" tag.

Nathan is also the musical director of the men's Pride of Iowa barbershop chorus. His experience with barbershop started on the risers with his dad and brother in the Wapello Chiefs barbershop chorus in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He has a choral conducting education from Central College in Pella, IA, and currently serves as the Director of Music at St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Johnston, IA.



Heart of Iowa Chorus - Marshalltown, IA

Searching for new director!

If interested, please contact their chorus president




Heart of Missouri Chorus - Columbia, MO

Director Twilla Duvall

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Kansas City Chorus - Overland Park, KS

Director Michelle Hunget

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Michelle Hunget_2015



Lincolnaire Chorus - Lincoln, NE

Director Karen Randall

Lincolnaire Karen Randall
Karen has been a member of the Lincolnaire Chorus since June 1991.  She was asked to come off of the risers in 2007 as Interim Co-Director, and in 2012 became the front line director.

Karen believes in musical excellence and strives to make each rehearsal fun at the same time. Quartetting is a big part of her Sweet Adeline life, and she is currently the baritone of Fever! quartet.  









Metro Mix Chorus - Iowa City, IA

Master Director Bev Hamilton

Bev Hamilton Metro MixIf you start to look for official credentials for Bev’s criteria to qualify for any success she may have experienced in the Sweet Adeline world, you only have to look to where all the music schools, seminars, faculty training and education symposiums have been held over the last 47 years. She is a product and purveyor of the knowledge of all the spokeswomen who have gone before her, and in fact, many are still the voices of what makes the craft of barbershop what it has evolved into today. She still loves the “ARCHIE” vowels, but admonishes the gimmicky approach it offered 42 years ago.

“I have no college background for pedagogy, theory, arranging, vocal production, staging, choreography or conducting.” A nurse by trade, the offerings from the International organization have allowed her to recognize the importance of promoting the sustainability of the barbershop style into the millennium; coaching quartets and choruses and offering her involvement in festivals that showcase the genre for the young singers of today.

Bev honed her singing and leadership skills in choruses in Pennsylvania and Ohio before finding a home in Cedar Rapids in 1972, assistant directing under the excellent tutelage of Sally Eggleston and Jeri Inghram. The Harmony Central Chorus in Des Moines gave her her first front line directors contract, and she has directed Metro Mix Chorus with energy and love since 1993. Her passion for the genre and often ‘out of the box’ ideas have continued to find her chorus striving for that perfect overtone in the journey for musical excellence. She is the former bass of internationally known quartets Starshine and Blaze.



River Blenders Chorus - Ellisville, MO

Master Director Diane Huber

 Diane Huber










RiverSong Chorus - St. Joseph, MO

Interim Director Bettye Hubbard

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Bettye Hubbard_2016 







Show Me Sound Chorus - Sedalia, MO

Director  Heather Schouten

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Sound Celebration Chorus - Springfield, IL

Director Terry Ludwig



Originally taking the reigns of the Sound Celebration Chorus as an interim director, Terry soon found out that he wanted to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies on a permanent basis.  Now as the official director, he looks forward to seeing just what a group of motivated ladies can accomplish!

Terry is no stranger to barbershop.  He has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) for 27 years and has been directing for 25 of them.  He currently directs the Sound of Illinois Chorus (Bloomington, IL) where he has taken the chorus to International for the last 8 years and placed 14th in 2014.

As a quartet singer, he won the Illinois District in 2011 singing tenor with Waldorf Hair Company.  His other notable quartet was Wound 4 Sound that placed third in the District two times.

He studied Music at Quincy University and had been a part of a number of performing groups over the years.  He and his wife Christina have a son, David.

St. Louis Harmony Chorus - Kirkwood, MO

Christine Schuler  (bio coming soon!)

Christine Schuler


Topeka Acapella Unlimited Chorus - Topeka, KS

Director Susan Ives

Susan Ives Acappella Unlimited

Susan has been a Sweet Adeline since 1982, a director of a chorus for over 20 years, and in a quartet continuously for 30+ years.

She began singing lead in Sunflower Harmony Chorus and enjoyed many experiences in SHC until marrying, moving to Dallas and joining the RichTones Chorus. Less than two years later she moved back "home" to Topeka where she again joined SHC and became director. The chorus name was changed to Topeka Acappella Unlimited in 2012.

Susan's quartet life has seen a string of six quartets. Four have competed at the International level, and two are International Champion Quartets - Classic Edition (1998), and Zing! (2010).  Her current quartet, HEAT, competed inInernational Competitions from 2013-2016.

Vocal Standard Chorus

Director Rob Mance

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 Rob Mance Director


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