Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 Regional Faculty

Music Faculty (alphabetically)



Kay Bromert

Member of Harmony Central Chorus and Kansas City Chorus, Certified Arranger, International Music Arrangers Program Coordinator, Sweet Adelines International - Approved Candidate Music Judge, Certified Director

Biography:  Degree in Music - taught K-8 for a total of 11 years, Harmony Central Chorus music team, Kansas City Chorus baritone section leader/music team

Areas of Expertise:

  • Music Arranging
  • Music Category/Interpretation/Performance
  • Coaching quartets & small choruses
  • Available to 'advise' on music choices and fixing arrangements
  • Music choices/legal issues

Dixie Dahlke

Dixie Dahlke

Chapter-at-Large, Sweet Adelines International - Certified Sound Judge

Biography: SAI member since 1969, Queen of Harmony 1975 (tenor, Front Office Four). International faculty member for 27 years, directed choruses in Regions 2,14, and 19, including a regional championship and scores over 600. Founded and directed Gateway Spotlight ChorUS in Region 5


Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching choruses & quartets
  • Teaching (Extensive class list available)
  • Judging Categories
  • Directing Skills
  • Vocal Production/Unit Sound
  • Rehearsal/Section Rehearsal Planning & Implementation
  • Training/Cultivating Music Leaders

Bev Hamilton Metro Mix


Bev Hamilton,  Retired Master Director of Metro Mix Chorus




Elizabeth Hardcastle

Sound Celebration Chorus


Biography:  SAI member since 1968; Queen of Harmony 1986 (lead, Ambiance). Other International quartets – Four Star Edition (11th place), 1976; Audio Express (9th place) 1979; Voices Only (5th place), 2001; directed three Region 5 choruses


International Queens of Harmony - Coronet Club Show Team (2009-current); emcee for all venues (SAI, business, health, various); extensive webcast experience on International and Regional levels


Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching choruses and quartets
  • Teaching skills
  • Directing skills
  • Visual and vocal performance skills
  • Lyrical interpretation – finding, believing, and delivering the 'message'
  • Performance package planning/design/organization/execution
  • Show planning/production/execution in large or small venues
  • Long-range chorus planning (vision, music, shows, fundraising)
  • Inspirational/motivational speaking
  • Video archiving/professional video production
  • Webcast and emceeing skills (from organization to performance)


Jerilee Inghram City Voices

Jerilee Inghram 

Retired Master Director of City Voices Chorus


Biography:  SAI member since 1970, directing choruses for over 34 years (three times on International Stage, three times at Harmony Classic); studied Vocal Pedagogy; former Director of Musical Activities in Region 20, former Showmanship Judge (17 years), Tenor of Starshine Quartet for 18 years (placed in top 10 at Int'l competition many times, 2nd in 1986).


Areas of Expertise:

  • Private Voice Lessons/PVIs
  • Improving Vocal Skills Past the Basics
  • Chorus & Quartet Coaching
  • Section Leader Training
  • Basic Showmanship & Emotional Sell
  • Directing Skills
  • Visual Performance Coaching


Susan Ives

Director of Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus 


Biography:  Many years of music teaching experience, Director of TAU for 25 years; interest in promoting growth in the barbershop craft for both groups and individuals. Two-time International Queen of Harmony (lead, Classic Edition and Zing!). 2017 International 9th place quartet medalists (lead, Pizzazz!).


Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching Choruses & Quartets
  • Sound & Expression Coaching
  • Studied JCDB Handbook of Judging Categories


Moira McGhee

St Louis Harmony Chorus Choreographer, Visual Enhancement

Biography:  Second generation dancer since the age of three, professional performer in the U.S. and abroad, retired from owning three performing arts studios. SAI member for over 10 years with a passion for creating outstanding entertainment continues studies for SAI choreographers; twice attended "Step Ahead" in Toronto and AHA in Oklahoma. Guest faculty (choreography) for Region 4 and Region 5 music schools. 2016 former Assistant Choreographer/ Repetiteur for Ambassadors of Harmony; coach for various choruses and quartets, area panel judge for the Barbershop Harmony Festival; participation in 5 International Competitions, Professional Showmanship/Dance Technique Judge for various national dance organizations.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Passionate, focused & artistic
  • Decision maker/problem solver with special ability to coach & mentor others
  • Achieves goals with persistent discipline & passion for the artists' best interests
  • Calm disposition in stressful or demanding situations
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Over 30 years as a successful, well organized coach/choreographer/teacher
  • Extensive Class List for your next Music Retreat


Annette Wallace

Director of Acappella Omaha Chorus, SAI Expression Judge, 2017-2018 Education Director


Biography:  B.S., Music in Education - Vocal & Instrumental Music, SAI member since 1990, lead section leader/website administrator for Acappella Omaha Chorus; Lead, Fever! Quartet (multi-year regional medalist)


Areas of Expertise:

  • Chorus & Quartet Coaching
  • Vocal Production/Sound/PVIs
  • Expression Category
  • Singing with Expression/Music Interpretation
  • Education Information/Internationally funded visits
  • Director Certification Program (DCP)


Sandi Wright

Retired master director of St. Louis Harmony Chorus; Certified Showmanship Judge, Associate Member, Harmony Incorporated - Certified Performance Judge


Biography:  SAI member since 1969, Queen of Harmony 1978 (bari, Tetrachords) and 1986 (bari, Ambiance).  Sweet Adelines International Faculty, 9 regional quartet championships and 15 regional chorus championships.

Harmony Incorporated member since 1998, two international silver medals and one bronze medal in quartets.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching choruses & quartets
  • Teaching (extensive class list available at www.sandiwright.com)
  • Judging Categories - You Be the Judge
  • Visual and Vocal Performance Skills
  • Directing Skills
  • Rehearsal/Section Rehearsal Planning & Implementation
  • Training/Cultivating Music Leaders
  • Grantwriting
  • Quartet Workshops
  • Marketing to Women of Today



International Funded Visit – “definition”

Eighteen internationally-funded education visits to chartered chapters are allocated per year to Region 5. The focus of internationally-funded visits is education in both the musical and administrative areas, membership development, assessment of the health, stability and/or needs of the chorus, building relationship and connection with regional choruses and their members, and for discovering and developing potential leaders. Internationally-funded visits should not be used for “get acquainted” visits.

Sweet Adelines International supports all choruses through the Chapter Assistance Program.  Contact the Education Director, Annette Wallace, for more information

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